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Mid-America Manufacturing Corporation is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas and was founded in 1980 as an after market supplier of Packer Head Pipe Machine molds and associated wear and spare parts. At the onset of our business we developed a line of Adjustable Box Culvert Mold Equipment for both Dry and Wet Cast production.

In 1987 we developed and introduced to the Concrete Pipe Industry an Automatic Wire Mesh Roller with Shear for round, elliptical and arch shaped reinforcing cages.

In 1995 we sold, designed and manufactured our first formal Dry Cast Pipe Machine for the production of 42� and larger pipe and box culverts.  In 2001 we added automation to our pipe machine making it a World Class Dry Cast Production System.

In 2006 we acquired an additional 20,000 sq feet to house our fiberglass shop.  By moving fiberglass to a new facility we freed up valuable floor space, allowing fabrication room to expand.

In addition Mid-America Manufacturing Corporation is also a leader in the production of D-Load Testing (3EB) Machines and Vacuum Testers.

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